[Rich Dad-Poor Dad] Robert Kiyosaki’s Principles In Relation to Internet Marketing

A lot of people have read Robert Kiyosaki’s famous book ”Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. And their way of thinking changed, which changed their lives completely after they knew what exactly do rich people do to become more wealthier.

The entire eBook can be summarized into one strong sentence: Rich people acquire assets, while the poor acquire liabilities.

According to Mr. Kiyosaki’s teachings. Rich people have many ‘Assets’ that generates passive income, things like – Stocks, Real Estate, Corporations, etc.

And they constantly Invest in acquiring more assets from the income they’ve generated from other assets. And by doing this their wealth keep growing non-stop.

And from an IM perspective, I think ‘Assets’ could be things like Your Website/Blog, Email list, Products, etc.

Which also can be considered as ‘Online Assets‘ that generates good passive income.

And by saying passive income, I mean that it shouldn’t require much initial time from you to run on Auto-Pilot!

For example, a lot of IMers have Adsense websites with Auto-posting software that run on auto-pilot and brings passive income. or an Email list with loads of Automated follow-ups which can be run on auto-pilot too and still bring passive income(Asset).

Another example of an online asset that can b bring passive income is ‘Recruiting Affiliates’ to get you traffic which enables you to get passive income without much effort. or by simply posting a Kindle eBook on Amazon Kindle which is considered an online asset that brings passive income without effort.

I think an ‘Online Asset’ can be even more powerful than an ‘Offline Asset’ like unstable stocks, or Real Estate.

Am I right or just trippin’ ?

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