READ: Simple Rules To Success

I have seen and heard these things about how people want to succeed by being evil to themselves and a road block. Why?

1. You make so much money even if its $200 in a month and you cannot buy an internet connection to help yourself. You rather keep looking for free browsing. (It’s unbelievable).

2. You don’t always want to pay for any new thing or upgrade…you feel you can get it all free.

3. Pride is just a little cousin to failure. Internet is on big area. What I earned in one month is just another person’s one week earning without stress online. So what’s the pride?

4. You will blame the devil for your misfortune in future not realizing how much you have cheated people along your pathway, sold their hard earned product and still keep smiling at them.

5. You let peoples success overshadow you by doing fake screenshot just to be in the game.

6. You can get everything free but still you cannot give free.

Brethen, these simple things cannot make you grow. The rule is:

  1. Reach out
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Learn
  4. Stay focused
  5. Upgrade your knowledge
  6. Rrespect your humble beginning
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