How To Make #95 Million Naira In The Next 12 Months Starting Today…

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How To Make =N=95 Million Naira In The Next 12 Months Starting Today…

Today I want to show you how to make =N=95 million naira In the next 12 months starting today.

Well, when you read what I am about to show you, you’ll see how easy it is, especially since you already have the skills required, seeing you are an internet marketer.

I created a plan for my own personal use, to start earning exactly this amount and when I thought about you, I decided to share it with you too.

So how do you =N=95 million naira In the next 12 months?

You start by building a list.

Building a list is easy.

Here’s what to do.

1. Aim for getting ONLY qualified leads.
To do this, you need to use a pre-sell landing page. a squeeze page only type landing page is a no-no.
If you can’t write, pay a superb copywriter to do this for you.DO NOT use scarcity thinking and a miserly attitude to mess up this part.

2. Aim to drive 2000 visitors to your landing page daily at least.
1000 clicks daily at $0.10 is just $100 daily.
Know this you can clicks for as low as $0.02 – $0.05. The $0.10 is just a base assumption.
To get 1,000 clicks daily, assuming a 1% CTR means you need 100,000 impressions everyday.
The impressions is the easy part, to get it, just make sure your daily bid limit is high. Make it $100 daily as shown above.
To get a 1% CTR, you have to write a killer ad, that literally “forces” people to click.
Be sure that your ad matches with what is on your landing page. This will drive your opt-in rate up.
If you do the above and…

3. Aim and tweak your landing page to convert at 35% at least. If you so, you’ll get…
350 opt ins a day – roughly 127,,750 new prospects every year
If you have a list of 127,750 people on your list and you treat them well (by not sending them crap and trying to sell everyday the sun is in the sky), all you need to do to live like King Solomon for the rest of your life is…

4. Send Them Just One Killer Offer A Month.
The offer must be something they are really interested in.
To find out what it is, you should create a survey and ask your list members what it is they want.
Then create an offer based on the topic or event that had the highest votes/responses.
Don’t go creating something you “think” it is what they want.
You are not them. Let them tell you.
Let’s say each month you send a promo for a =N=15,000 product/event offer and just 5% of them buy it, this means that
127,750 x 5% (which is 5/100) = 6387.5
This means that 6,378 people will buy your offer.
Good people, 6378 x =N=15,000 is equal to…
That is not a typing mistake.
It’s 95 MILLION, 6 HUNDRED and 70 THOUSAND naira!
That’s how much you can make EVERY MONTH if you do what I just explained to you.
Do you understand the kind of miracles 95 MILLION parts of any currency can do in your life?
Now, you don’t even need to wait for 12 months to start making money! You can start making your offers immediately your website visitors fill out your opt-in form and see the “Thank You For Subscribing Page”.

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