How to Get Traffic To Your Website- Part 2

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How to Get Traffic To Your Website- Part 2

Using Secret High DA/PA sites – A lot of people will tell you go and create your own site and start writing articles and post on it.. blah blah… and you’ll get lots of traffic in long term.


I know it’s tough and it takes lots of months. But we need fast result. So, what to do!

There is a way!

There are several websites where you can publish a simple 350-500words articles promoting anything. And you don’t need to work on SEO & Ranking of your pages!

As these blogs have HIGH Domain authority so google usually rank them very high even without any backlink. They are usually old and have hundreds of articles on it, so over the time, they have gained trust in Google’s eye.

Now the question is… how to find these HIGH DA/PA sites which rank automatically.

Have you heard about Ning network?

It is basically a network where people open account and get a blog to publish articles. But we are not going to open account on ning.

Neither we are going to create a blog.

We are going to publish our article on others blog which uses ning network.

To be honest, I have tested a lot of blogging platform, but I have experienced much better ranking with ning.

It’s really a secret network and nobody is going to tell you about it! Because many people themselves doesn’t know about it! Lol..

Our plan is to find some high authority ning websites and publish our article on these blogs & we will get traffic flowing to our “simple funnel”.

So, let me quickly show you one example on how to do it:

Here is one website –

It’s DA and PA is..

56 and 64 and its link profile also looks great with 10k backlinks.

So, its authority in Google’s eye is really strong.

When you place one article on this blog, it will start to rank very high even without doing anything.

So, how to publish article on these blogs?

  1. Look at signup button on this website here.
  2. Create your account and just after creating your account, you’ll see “add blog post” button. Click on it and you’ll see two boxes.
  3. Title – write your article headline.
  4. Body – write your complete article with link to your landing page.

And click publish!

Dont forget to have your keyword in headline and body of your article for which you want to rank.

That’s it!!!

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