How to Get Traffic To Your Website- Part 1

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How to Get Traffic To Your Website- Part 1

Using Twitter :

I know you must have heard about twitter, it’s a famous social media website. So, what we are going to do here is…

We will open a new account (niche related), and we are going to follow famous people in your niche like famous internet marketer (if you are in internet marketing niche), or famous diet expert (if you are in diet and health niche) and so on… Then you need to start following followers of these people. Now, you must be thinking. Why should we do it!

Very simple! See… people who are following these people are niche related people. I mean a person who is following an internet marketer must be interested in internet marketing. Same way a person who is following weight loss expert must be interested in losing weight.

So, we need to start following followers of these people. And in return they will start following you. So, you will start getting followers and your own community will start to grow.

Some Tips:

  1. Follow 150-200people daily and in less than a week you will get 500+ followers if you do it on regular basis.
  2. Start tweeting some helpful tips around your niche.
  3. Tweet daily with your link of landing page.
  4. Don’t spam, try to build some authority.
  5. Engagement is necessary, so retweet others tweet and reply to people who contact you.

Here is some example of tweets you should post:

“Here is the best way to lose weight – [LINK]”

“My favourite way to lose weight – [LINK]”

“This is how I lost 6kg in 2 months – [LINK]”

“You are not going to lose weight if you are doing this – [LINK]”

Let me share one more thing..

If you want huge traffic through social media sites like twitter then you should make a top 10 list, and publish it with your landing page link.

People on twitter really like “top 10”, “best 10” list.


“top 10 courses on weight loss – [LINK]”

“10 ways to lose weight in a week – [LINK]”

“Top 10 ways to make money online – [LINK]”

“Best 3 courses on blogging – [LINK]”

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