How To Establish You Our SEO Company Even If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.

Now plenty of people have asked me how I know how to do all of this marketing stuff online in the little amount of time we all have each day. My simple response is, I don’t!

Over the years I’ve set up a really good pool of freelancers that I can send work to whenever I want and they will do it better than I could and quicker than I thought was possible. Obviously some of the SEO related jobs won’t be quick because you have to slow roll it, but that’s normal.

Anyway, I set up a side project once and all I did was outsource the work to credible SEO people, web designers and programmers. And you can do the same thing with these tips below How to have your own SEO company even if you don

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Step 1: You’ll need a hosting account set up for your website if you don’t already have one. I like to use namecheap or for my websites because I’ve never really had much downtime.

Step 2: You’ll need to install wordpress on your hosting account, which is pretty simple. Go to your dashboard or cpanel and look for “WordPress” it could also say “WordPress Installer”. Install wordpress on your hosting but make sure the destination isn’t set to the default /wp just delete that and it will show on your index and home page.

Step 3: Go buy this theme from themeforest:
After you download that theme, install it onto your hosting/wordpress. I like this theme because it comes with one click installs for your images and content, which is pretty awesome. You’ll have to edit your content if you want to rank in the search engines, but that simple to do.

Step 4: Go to the SeoClerks marketplace and find some sellers who have all around services. These will be services that do everything from on page optimization to off page optimization and content creation. Kuti101, Debbey, Serpmanager, cyberspot, Barry Siam sells some pretty good all around packages, check him out. You can set up as many services as you want on your website, just be sure that the person you pick on SeoClerks has plenty of good reviews and a good seller rating.

Step 5: Set up “your” services on your newly set up website. Write your own description of the service for SEO purposes. After you sourced all the products off of the SeoClerks marketplace and have them on your pages, you now need to maket them How to have your own SEO company even if you don

Step 6: Go on adwords and set up ads for each of your services. I normally test out all my service pages with a $10 a day budget but each page has at least 6 ads so I can split test them. Every ad will be under the $10 a day budget so that I don’t go broke on bad keywords lol.

Step 7: As the orders come in, outsource them immediately to the person you chose and contact the buyer telling them the order is in progress and they will get a report in XX days.

Step 8: Once the freelancer is done with your work, immediately send it to the buyer and wait for a response.

That’s it How to have your own SEO company even if you don

The best part about this is that you don’t buy anything until you already sold it to someone else How to have your own SEO company even if you don The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the marketing of your website, the theme, the domain, and the hosting.

Good Luck

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