Doing Search Engine Optimiztion(SEO) for a website

Doing Search Engine Optimiztion(SEO) for a website takes time but worth it if you hit Google Page 1 – top 3 for your targeted keyword.
To begin, pick any keyword you think you can monetize on clickbank, amazon or any CPA network. For example, fat loss review, free clash of clans gems, blenders under $200.

If CPA, make sure your keyword has 2k-15k US search and 6k-27k global monthly search. You can download keyword everywhere(Firefox/chrome addon) to check number of month searches.
Create an account on Keyword to check competition. Make sure the competition level is less than 20 or you will spend more money to rank or bank.
Why…? Difficult keywords requires Private/Public Domain Network(PBN), Guest Posts.

When though, type in the keyword with quotes eg “clash of clans free gems” if is more than 100k results, and without quotes 500,000 results, skip it .
Check if sites in page 1, has keyword in title or url. If 1 or more site don’t, pick the keyword. You will use it to rank and bank.
Next, build a simple site with 1k words or more article as homepage, with few pages. You can add more articles if you want to build a site targeting many niches. I prefer 1 article per niche with few pages. Is called Micro Niche Site.

The next thing left is backlinks.
Before firing your site with links, leave it online for 3-5 weeks. During this period, build 10 or more web2.0s.
To this, open long tail pro or uberger suggest, type your keyword and pick 10 long tail keywords as topic (for 10 web2.0s). Eg. Clash of clans free gems guide.
You can brainstorm. But make sure you include your main keyword in them.
Write 300-500 words articles for each topic and include your site url 70%. Exact keyword- 10%. Related Keyword – 10% and Genetic keyword like click here, begin, start – 10%.
Get expired article hunter and scrape articles for your keyword, put it on any article spinning tool and generate 10-50 (if you plan to use 10 web2.0s) versions of those articles.
Then create account on any dofollow web2.0 (search on Google for them) and post those articles.
Don’t post the hand written one until your website waiting period is over.
After waiting period, your web2.0s should be indexed(visible) on Google. Post 2-3 saved article daily.
Copy url.
You need to boost those urls so that your site will move up in ranking. To do so,
Build 10 web2.0s to each url, you can get autofill magic or turbo web2.0, if you like use the trial. These are automated tools.
Use any keyword related spun article for this. Make sure you include your link on Article with variations.
Save those urls, and buy any GSA blast on BHW. 10k-100K blasts.
To index them – get any $10 indexer like elitelinkindexer or spam them on blogs.
Buy 50-1000 Public Blog Posts for those web2.0s. There is a cheap on BHW. Title- cheapest blog posting…

Build 20-30 social bookmarks, doc shares and hundreds of social signals. Buy from seoclerk.

After few weeks, your keyword should be in good position.
Use serplab(dot)co(dot)uk to monitor ranking.
If you are no yet in top 20. Buy some expired tumblrs on Fiverr- and build links as you did on those web2.0s.

If your keyword is low competitive, you should be on page 1. For medium to high ones, you may be stuck on page 2, you need PBN to move to top 3. Search on Google. How to rank with PBN.

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