6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

6 ways to scale up and grow freelance business, kaysalam.com

6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

When you’re a freelancer, you usually get stuck in a rut each day hammering out orders and running your business.  This means you have limited time when it comes to finding new clients who are searching for your services, expanding your own network with like minded people and even improving your own freelancing jobs.  If you’re not scaling your business, you’re just waiting for it to die.

Below I’m going to cover the top 6 ways to help scale up your freelancing business

1. Start Branding
Just having a nice looking logo to get shared around isn’t exactly what branding is.  Also, if you think that getting it on business cards or flyers is branding, you need to keep thinking.  You’ll need to get on social media and other niche related websites and blogs to get the word out about your business.  People always think of branding as getting your image in front of the user, and that’s it.  I’m here to tell you that you need to do that as many times as possible and never stop no matter how successful you get lol 6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

2. Networking
Search around Facebook and join groups that are related to what you do.  I’m not saying to join dog related groups if you’re selling chew toys, I’m saying to join marketing groups if you are doing any type of marketing to random people in order to make a sale.  You’re doing this because you never know who you can help out or who can help you.  I’ve built plenty of great relationships through groups like this and they have been extremely beneficial since we became friends 6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

3. Outsourcing is always an option
You might have just enough time to do all the work you need to in order to be successful, but outsourcing should always be an option.  You can easily get someone to manage your social media profiles, send all of your reports, do all of your content generation, etc.  This will free up your time and let you focus on other aspects of your business like finding new clients 6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

4. Have your own product
Now this sounds kind of dumb because we’re all selling something of our own, sort of.  But how many of us have our own physical product or even an ebook to sell that was written by us?  Not many.  Having your own product will brand you as an authority and you will be able to get a lot more recurring purchases because of it.

5. Recurring Profits
Think of how you can get people signed up to a recurring service so that they will always want to stick with you.  Freelancers that offer services along the lines of social media management are getting recurring payments from subscribers because this is something that will be needed every day of the year in order to stay successful.  SEO and marketing is another good thing to sell but it might take you a lot longer to learn if you’re just starting off.

6. Invest in yourself
When it comes to freelance business owners, we’re people that usually can handle everything on our own.  In order to keep yourself on top, or get there, you will need to take your profits and push them back into your services.  This not only means to amplify your marketing in order to increase your sales but to make your services even better.

In Conclusion:
You will need to be your own diligent boss when you want to scale up your freelancing business.  If you just rely on the sales to come in through freelancing platforms, you’re never going to be successful.  You need to work on your marketing even though the platforms get a massive amount of traffic.  You need to invest in yourself, and I’m not just talking about money, because your will power can carry you a long way in this world 6 ways to help scale up your freelance business

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